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Travel to Meet the World: The 2024 Overseas Travel Trade Marketing Event in Hainan to Be Held Soon – Hainan Invites the World

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SANYA, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 21 June 2024 – From June 24 to 29, 2024, the Overseas Tour Operators Hainan Tour 2024 will be held in Hainan. It’s co-hosted by the China Tourism Academy, Hainan Provincial Department of Culture, Radio, Television and Sports, and Sanya Municipal People’s Government. This event aims to implement the “Inbound Tourism Promotion Plan” and the “Nihao! China” national tourism image promotion campaign initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, for the purpose of promoting cultural and tourism exchanges between China and other countries, expanding international tourism market in Hainan and strengthening overseas precision marketing. During the event, domestic and international travel agencies, tourism industry associations, and tourism media representatives will explore new models of tourism cooperation between the Hainan Free Trade Port and foreign countries and regions, helping Hainan build a world-famous tourism destination.

Travel to Meet the World
Travel to Meet the World

Under the theme of “Travel to meet the World”, the event will host a series of activities such as Overseas Tour Operators Hainan Tour 2024, China-Foreign Travel Trade Negotiation Event, the launching ceremony of the “Hello! China” – 2024 Silk Road Tourism Overseas Promotion Season and Hainan Sanya Tourism Welcome Ceremony, and promotion of Hainan tourism routes and products. During the event, the China Tourism Academy will release the Annual Report of China Inbound Tourism Development 2023 and the Report on the Construction of Hainan International Tourism Consumption Destination, and Hainan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will also promote local culture and tourism. For the first time, the event will introduce a professional travel trade exchange and negotiation session, where tourism authorities of various cities and counties in Hainan will organize tourism investment promotion teams with relevant tourism companies to participate in face-to-face business negotiations with overseas travel agencies, showcase high-quality tourism products and services, build their own brand image, and facilitate tourism cooperation agreements, jointly promoting the prosperous development of Hainan’s tourism industry.

As an important hub of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, Hainan is currently working to promote the strategic alignment of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation and free trade port construction, forming a broader, wider, and deeper pattern of opening up to the outside world. As a member of the international Tourism Alliance of Silk Road Cities, to strengthen tourism exchanges and cooperation with destinations along the Maritime Silk Road, in the spirit of “peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, and mutual benefit”, Sanya will jointly host the the launching ceremony of the “Hello! China” – 2024 Silk Road Tourism Overseas Promotion Season and Hainan Sanya Tourism Welcome Ceremony with the Network of International Culturalink Entities (NICE) and Hainan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. As an effort to showcase Hainan’s high degree of openness and enhance its international cultural and tourism influence and reputation, this campaign will introduce Hainan’s rich cultural and tourism resources and the latest inbound tourism policies to guests from around the world. The theme video for this overseas promotion season will also have its global premiere at the event, and the “Encounter the Millennium Silk Road, Overview Ancient and Modern Civilizations” themed exhibition will also be unveiled simultaneously.

To help overseas travel trade representatives better understand Hainan’s tourism and cultural resources, and to promote cultural and tourism exchanges between China and foreign countries, this event has specially arranged a tourism route product promotion session. Overseas travel trade representatives will be invited to experience Hainan Coastal Scenic Highway, coastal sightseeing, Li & Miao ethnic cultures, tropical rainforest, and other characteristic resources. This will allow the representatives to personally experience Hainan’s tropical island charm and gain an in-depth understanding of Hainan’s high-quality tourism resources, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation.

As Hainan FTP is about to achieve independent customs operations in 2025, the province’s tourism industry is ushering in a new golden opportunity period as a frontier of comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up and the construction of a free trade port. Overseas Tour Operators Hainan Tour 2024 will leverage the resources of overseas travel trade to bring together leading global tourism industry guests, providing a platform for Hainan to connect with the world and attract investment, allowing Hainan’s resources to “go global” and inviting tourists to “come in”. The event will also build on global tourism resource integration advantages to further promote the overall expansion, quality improvement, and growth of Hainan’s local tourism industry, driving the coordinated development of cultural tourism, conventions and exhibitions, business, and other industries, and continuously promoting the building of Hainan as an international tourism consumption center in line with the “one center, three paradises, one highland” strategic positioning.
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