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Laos Kicks Off Green Bus Trials to Boost Public Transport in Four Provinces

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Several provinces in Laos have commenced trials of new public “green bus” transportation services aimed at enhancing local infrastructure and reducing traffic congestion.

The buses are part of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Lao government and South Korea’s Booyoung Lao Company Limited, signed in June 2023 to provide 600 buses aimed at enhancing public transportation across Laos. 

Attapeu Province

The latest initiative involves launching green bus trials to improve public transportation in urban areas and local districts in Attapeu Province. The Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport signed an agreement with Khamkai Transportation Service Company on 27 June to start trial runs of 10 green buses.

The public bus service runs from the Samukkhixay district bus station to the International Border Crossing, with the first bus departing at 8:30 am and the second at 9:30 am. Return trips depart at 1:00 pm.

Other routes include service from Samukkhixay district bus station to Sivilay village, Phousafong temple, Sakhae temple, Lathsati village, Tadseng village, and urban areas of Sanxay district. The first bus departs at 8:30 am and returns at 9:30 am, with the second bus departing and returning at 1:00 pm. From Samukhixay district to Sanamxay district, two buses depart from each station at 9:00 am, with return trips at 1:00 pm.

Champasack Province

Champasack Province also introduced green bus services on 17 June to offer affordable transport options. Sixteen routes connect Pakse district urban areas with surrounding villages, providing comprehensive coverage throughout the day and improving accessibility within the province.

In Pakse district, three routes run from Km 7 North transport station to Km 8 South station, Salakham Port to Daohueang Market, and Daohueang Market to Km 8 South. All three routes start at 6:30 am, operating every two hours, with fares ranging from LAK 5,000 to LAK 20,000.

The public bus service also includes 16 additional routes connecting Pakse with nearby districts and villages. These routes run from Daohueang Market to Km 14 Market, Viengxay School, Ngouadeang village, Khampeng village in Sanasomboun District, Batiengchaleunsouk district, Paksong district, Phonthong village and district, Vang Tao Border Cross Checkpoint, Vat Phou, Soukhoumma district, Pathouphone district, Mounlapamok district, and Khong district. Most routes start at 6:00 am, with fares ranging from LAK 15,000 to LAK 110,000.

Xaysomboun Province

In central Lao’s Xaysomboun Province, the Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport initiated a trial of 20 buses for public transport services on 14 May. Initially scheduled to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the buses cover various urban areas free of charge, including Aom, Ao, Nammo, and Namyone villages.

Bolikhamxay Province

Additionally, Bolikhamxay Province also allocated a total of 20 new buses across various routes to cater to educational and community needs. Thirteen buses were distributed on key routes such as Paksan-Vientiane Capital, Paksan-Lak 20, and Paksan-Viengthong district, among others.

Meanwhile, four buses were allocated to the Department of Education and Sports for Bolikhamxay Technical-Vocational School. These buses are designated for student transportation, including trial services for student internships, study tours, and other educational activities, as well as for teachers and athletes during sports competitions. Additionally, the remaining three buses are reserved by the Provincial Department of Public Works and Transport for a one-year trial period.

As many provinces launch trail public bus services, the Lao government marks these initiatives as significant steps toward improving public transport infrastructure in Laos, aiming to provide more convenient and sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors alike.

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