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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Impact Fusion International Inc.: Louisiana State Legislature Unanimously Passes LA HCR-42 Focusing on Bagasse Utilization

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NAPOLEONVILLE, LOUISIANA – Newsfile Corp. – 8 July 2024 – Impact Fusion International Inc. (OTC Pink: IFUS)

On May 28, 2024 bipartisan legislation passed both the Louisiana House with 99 Yeas and 0 Nays and the Louisiana Senate 31 Yeas and 0 Nays. LA HCR-42 (2024) places focus of bagasse utilization and was generated by testimony provided by Dr. Clyde (Pat) Bagley and Agricultural Commissioner, The Honorable Dr. Michael Strain.

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LA HCR42 | 2024 | Regular Session | LegiScan

IFUS met with Dr. Strain in September 2023 in his office in Baton Rouge, LA, whereby he provided us with valuable guidance as to the steps the Company should take in the validation of SGP+™ as a supplement, partial feed, and possibly hay replacement for beef and dairy cattle. These scientific steps are considered to be “Best Practices and Methods” in the beef and dairy industries.

Following Dr. Strain’s advice and working with the American Sugarcane League, local U.S.D.A. representatives, and the Farm Bureau Federation, IFUS contacted Dr. Clyde “Pat” Bagley, formerly Dean of Tennessee Tech School of Agriculture (now Director, SUAREC Beef Research Unit).

IFUS formed a partnership with the Southern University Agricultural and Research Center (SUAREC) also located in Baton Rouge, LA. Team members from SUAREC have made several visits to the IFUS Napoleonville, LA operations where they were awestruck by the immediate exothermic to endothermic transition of bagasse into SGP+™. As a result of this discovery, Dr. Bagley, the leader of the SUAREC Team, stated that if IFUS had discovered how to naturally breakdown lignin, this would be in fact the “Holy Grail” of energy and nutrition for beef and dairy cattle. Dr. Bagley further stated, “Lignin was thought to be indigestible. What we think is happening here is their special blend is making the lignin pull apart and become digestible, which we have never seen happen before.” In addition, Dr. Bagley is investigating as to whether SGP+™ is actually a hay replacement.

Furthermore, Dr. Mallory Tate, DVM and Director of Pre-Veterinary Studies at SUAREC, believes combining Chios Mastic Oil emulsified in native ionic minerals (much like Lochte’s Saline) could significantly improve bovine ration digestibility and absorbability.

Since then, a “Best Practices and Methods” statistically viable study after a visit to our facility on June 13, 2024, has been launched by Dr. Bagley and select members of his team with results pending. Dr. Bagley, visited an IFUS test ranching operation where he noted a significant improvement in herd score as well as an absence of flies. Additionally, cattle testing trials continue in any number of locations across the U.S. On June 13, 2024 we delivered approximately 5,000 pounds of SGP+ to the SUAREC testing ranch in Baton Rouge, LA.

Lastly, other Green-to-Gold studies for added utilization of SGP+™ are in discussion to include soil amendment and mulch, application in viticulture, natural insecticide or insect repellent, fly management on cattle, greenhouse gas reduction, and manure management.

Marc Walther, CEO of IFUS, said, “We greatly appreciate the efforts of Dr. Strain, the Louisiana Legislature, the entire SURAEC Team lead by Dr. Bagley, and all the IFUS team and customers who strive to advance the validation and commercialization of SGP+™ and other commercial uses for bagasse. The impact of bagasse utilization in transforming a waste product into useful cash products while reducing Carbon-Footprint is both promising and exciting for The State of Louisiana, The United States, and the world at large.”

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