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Laos Banana Exports No Longer Pick of the Bunch

Laos banana exports uncertain

China has slapped inspection measures upon banana exports from Laos, hindering what was a booming trade.

While Laos is still the second largest exporter of bananas to China, a protocol has been signed between Laos and China determining inspection and quarantine measures for bananas exported by Laos. Now, only bananas …

Panama Epidemic Invades Banana Crops in Laos

A team of researchers from Bioversity International in collaboration with local experts, have recently reported that the popular Cavendish banana grown in Laos, has been infected with Fusarium oxysporum Tropical Race 4 (TR4) at banana plantations north of Vientiane.

Also known as Panama disease TR4, the disease is a

Bananas in Markets Are Not from Chinese Farms

Bananas on sale in markets and some streets in Vientiane and the provinces do not come from Chinese banana plantations, which are believed to use significant quantities of chemicals.

But consumers are unhappy that banana growers in the provinces are still allowed to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides to kill …