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Construction of Petroleum Refinery to Resume This Month

A petroleum refinery project located in the energy and chemical precinct of Saysettha Development Zone, Vientiane is expected to resume this month after construction was halted for about six months.

The refinery project began in 2015 under Laos-China Dongyan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (LCPC).

Under the project, Yunnan Dongyan Industrial Co., Ltd holds a 75 percent share, while 20 percent is held by Lao State Fuel Company and the other 5 percent by Lao-China Joint Investment Co., Ltd.

At present, work on the project was about 35 percent complete with construction to be finished in November next year, Deputy General Manager of the Lao-China Joint Venture Investment Co., Ltd., Mr Kiengkham Phoutchantavongsa, told Vientiane Times during a visit to the zone recently.

He cited a change in shareholders leading to a halt in the project.

The petroleum refinery project will cover an area of over 280,000 square metres with total investment of about US$179 million.

The refinery would use low grade mixed light oil as raw material and adopt advanced technologies to produce gasoline, diesel, LPG, purified petroleum benzene, sulphur and other petroleum based products, according to information provided by LCPC.

Production capacity of standard gasoline would be 300,000 tonnes per annum and 500,000 tonnes of diesel per year.

In addition it will also produce 18,000 tonnes per annum of liquefied petroleum gas, 12,600 tonnes per year of benzene and 5,000 tonnes per annum of industrial-grade sulphur.

Once operational the refinery would become among the nation’s largest industrial enterprises and be able to supply about 65 percent of fuel in Laos, Mr Kiengkham said.

He added the project would also include construction of a petroleum products storage facility with a capacity of 60 million litres.

At present, the oil warehouses of the Lao State Fuel Company around the country contain only 40 million litres.

Saysettha Development Zone was established in 2010 with the aim of developing an eco-industrial city.

About 35 Chinese and foreign companies have already moved into the zone, with an aggregate investment of about US$350 million.

According to the company, in the first phase the zone will mainly develop industry, focusing on the processing of agricultural and other primary products like hardware, building materials and machinery .

The zone will also support the technological innovation and entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises.

In the second phase from 2016-2020 and the third phase from 2020-2030, the zone will mainly develop commerce and trade along with a focus on building a new part of Vientiane.

The zone expected to spend about US$650 million on infrastructure investment over three phases, on about 1,149 hectares of land, according to the company’s development plan.


Source: Vientiane Times

This Month, Volunteer Teachers Will Begin Examinations

Volunteer teachers in Vientiane, along with newly graduated education students, will participate in an examination on December 10 of this year in the hope to become full-time civil servants of government.

This year, more than 1200 volunteer teachers, including newly graduated students from the Teacher Training College, have registered at the Vientiane Education and Sports Department to be employed as civil servants, officials confirmed.

Currently, there are around 700 volunteer teachers in Vientiane who are still waiting for a quota allocation to become fully paid state employees.

The exam assesses their competency as a way to resolve quality issues and ensure fairness for all volunteer teachers.

A senior official from the Vientiane Education and Sports Department, Mr Khampanh Bounphaxaixon, told Vientiane Times yesterday the objective of the exam this year is to help solve the problem of teacher selection and ensure that only the best qualified teachers are recruited to serve the country.

The Vientiane Education and Sports Department wants to allocate a quota of 200 new teachers in order to respond to the needs of the education sector, but the government has only approved a quota of only 107 staff.

Mr Khampanh said for many years it has been a concern among volunteer teachers that they are not allocated enough places to join the ranks of fully paid state employees in the education sector.

Once the move is instituted, newly graduated teachers who can pass the competency exam will be among those interviewed as prospective state employees, he said.

I think this exam serves as an important function in solving the concern among volunteer teachers about fairness in the selection process, he continued.

Personnel Department Director General of the Ministry of Education and Sports, Mr Chansamout Keosouttha, said the majority of young teachers who do not receive a quota allocation to become state employees end up leaving their volunteer government posts to go and work in the private sector instead.

Private school jobs are considered by some as more secure because volunteers do not know if or when they will receive their quota allocation to work as a state employee.

He said the demand for teachers at private primary schools is also increasing every year and the schools offer negotiated salaries and welfare provision for their teachers while the government cannot guarantee volunteers an allocated assignment.

The other reason many volunteer teachers decide to work with private schools immediately after graduating is they worry they could miss out on a long-term employment opportunity if they wait for a government job, Mr Chansamout said.

A volunteer teacher has to work at least two years to be eligible for a promotion to the status of civil servant, according to the old policy.

The majority of the provinces have allocated full-time placements to newly graduated students, because others have been unable to comply with the policies of the ministry.

Mr Chansamout said directly giving recent graduates a quota allocation has held back the development of the education system in the country because some of the volunteer teachers who are elevated to the status of civil servants still lack experience.

We think the exam system can solve these problems and create more transparency in the education sector, he noted.

According to the ministry, there are currently around 10,000 volunteer teachers nationwide who are still waiting for a quota allocation to become fully paid state employees.


Source: Vientiane Times

WIG Bazzar 2016 to Return Coming Month

The Women’s International Group (WIG) Bazaar will take place on Saturday, November 19 at the Lao National University Faculty of Engineering, Sokpaluang Road, Vientiane Capital from 10 am to 6 pm.

The WIG Bazzar is a popular and much-loved community event that is free and open to all members of the public. Last year’s event attract over 10,000 visitors.

The WIG Bazaar is the primary annual fundraising activity for WIG. All profits from the event are allocated to WIG’s health and education projects, which help disadvantaged people access medical care and support the construction of schools.

WIG is also currently accepting donation of goods for the popular second-hand stall. Community members are welcome to donate clothing, book, bric-a-brac, household items, toys and more. Drop off points for donations are Common Grounds Café.

The WIG Bazaar is organized by WIG, a voluntary group of women and men of all national ties based in Vientiane, who initiate and support charities in Lao PDR. WIG was founded in 1990 and currently has over 130 members.

Embassies, international organizations and local businesses are invited to set up booths to share information, showcase and sell handicraft, food and drink, and other products including local Fair Trade wares.

The event also features live music and entertainment, a raffle with great prizes, a children’s Corner with fun games and activities for kids, and WIG’s popular Cake and Second Hand stalls.


Source: KPL

VAT Collection to Start Next Month

The Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance will begin collecting Valued Added Tax (VAT) payments next month with the department readying equipment and human resources.

Southern Bus Station Set To Depart This Month

The relocation of the southern bus station in Vientiane to a new site is set to begin this month, with the process expected to be completed by September, according to an official.

Beware of a Rising Mekong This Month

People who live along the Mekong River across the country should be aware of possible rising water levels this month and other severe conditions due to continued rains and isolated heavy rains.