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Farewell M Point Mart? Sabaidee Mini Big C! Lao Capital’s Leading Convenience Store Chain Rebranding Begins

M Point Mart gives way to Mini Big C amid convenience store joint venture, rebranding.

Laos’ capital’s convenience store chain M Point Mart is set for an overhaul as Vientiane’s Phontan store staff confirm joint venture set see the city’s ubiquitous late night shopping outlets rebranded as Mini Big C with 24 hour shopping hours expected.

Setting up in Vientiane’s old town before expanding over the past decade to become ubiquitous upon many a street corner in Vientiane, the Point brand has become synonymous with convenience shopping in the capital.

Now the M Point Mart trade name appears to be making way for brand Big C, with the first Phontan store is already fully decked out in Mini Big C livery and staff dressed in uniform.

Well known local and international brands Beerlao Lao Brewing Company, Beer Leo and Coca-Cola beverages had promotional representatives to welcome customers to the suburban outlet on the last Saturday in December.

Already familiar to Laos’ many cross-border shoppers, it appears Thai retailer Big C’s foray on the Lao side of the river could mark a wider range of choice for the consumer living in the capital and beyond.

It comes after a long-awaited yet never realized outlet opening once planned for Vientiane’s Talat Sao Shopping Mall, the current status of which remains unconfirmed.

According to the company’s Thai website English page, “Mini Big C is a 24-hour convenience store.”

“Under management of Big C, we serve you with convenience, conciseness of only 80-100 sq.m. store size in community central area (sic), friendly services and variety of over 3,500 daily used products including not only leading brands but also Big C Brand for best value of money.

“Small sized products are our focus. Finally, what make us different from other convenience stores is fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables we offer.”

M Point Mart gives way to Mini Big C amid convenience store joint venture, rebranding.

M Point Mart gives way to Mini Big C amid convenience store joint venture, rebranding.


Getting to know Parkson

Parkson Laos
  1.   What is Parkson?

Parkson Retail Group Ltd, is a subsidiary of Lion Group Malaysia, which became a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005. Parkson operates 115 retail outlets across Asia, including shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets. Its annual income reaches over 3.77 billion dollars.

  1.  What is Parkson preparing to do in Laos?

Parkson is preparing to open a shopping center in Laos located in Section A of the World Trade Center, next to Vientiane Center. In the future Parkson may invest in other activities such as property development, financial investment, duty free shopping, natural resources, and other areas.

  1.  How does Parkson position itself?

Parkson is a quality shopping centre for the community and for families within Laos.

  1.   What brands will Parkson be bringing to Laos?

The brands Parkson will be bringing to Laos will include international brands of cosmetics and international apparel. Parkson will also feature its own boutique supermarket, as well as food and beverage outlets from Thailand, China, and Malaysia. At the same time, Parkson will strive to attract even more international brands such as H&M, UNIQLO, KFC, McDonald’s and Starbucks to fill the gap in the Lao market.

Parkson Laos

  1.  What strategy will you use to attract customers to Parkson?

Parkson has a sound and proven business model which includes the Parkson Supermarket, Parkson Food Court, international cosmetics area, cinema, sports area, all types of Southeast Asian restaurants, gaming area, international clothing brands, children’s play area, training center, beauty and dental clinics.

Parkson guarantees that all products purchased in our shopping malls are genuine products authorized by their individual brand.

We will make every effort to ensure that our pricing is in line with that of products for sale in other countries to ensure an internationally accommodating consumer experience.

  1.  What kind of special activities or promotions will Parkson have?

Parkson will customize our promotion plan according to traditional festivals in Laos. We will also

hold fashion shows, make-up shows, music festivals, food festivals, and occasionally invite Lao celebrities to the shopping mall.

  1. What is the capacity for parking?

The parking facilities at the shopping center include over 2,000 parking spaces. Parking will be free.

  1. Do you have a plan to offer online shopping?

At the moment only the Parkson stores in China and Malaysia offer online shopping, because these countries have high populations and good conditions for online shopping. If the conditions in Laos were right, we would also offer online shopping here too.

  1.  How can we stay in the loop about Parkson’s promotions and activities?

You can get all kinds of info about Parkson by following the PARKSON LAOS Facebook page. After opening, Parkson will send promotional and event information to members through a special membership system.


Originally Published in: Champa Meuanglao

Asia Peak Aims High in Nong Khai

Asia Peak, a mega-development tourism complex is in the plans for Nong Khai. Asia Peak will be a huge wholesale, retail, and entertainment center located behind the Asawann Shopping Complex and behind the Nong Khai Provincial Administration Office, covering an area of 48,000 square meters.

Several Thai investors saw the natural tourism potential in Nong Khai, as well as its strategic location near Vientiane, and pooled their resources to invest in a 30 year lease on the land. The entire project is expected to cost 1 billion baht (approximately US$28 million).

Asia Peak in Nong Khai

During the day, it will be a wholesale, retail and restaurant space of over 400 shops, while in the evening there will be a night market. One section of market will have a retro vibe created entirely of shipping containers, hoping to attract young people and hipsters alike. An amusement park is also planned with four primary attractions: an 80m Ferris wheel (the tallest in Thailand), a swinging ship ride, a grand carousel, and a chair swing ride. There will also be a beer hall with 400 tables and there are plans to host monthly concerts at the venue.

The investors hope to open in February of 2017 and aims to attract at least 1000 visitors per day. They will primarily target Thai and Lao tourists, with a focus on Lao traders who will come to purchase foreign and domestic goods to take back to Laos and sell.

Asia Peak is looking to position itself to become a tourism landmark well-known throughout both Thailand and the AEC.

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