New TK Singers Ask Fans For More Support


Two new singers of TK Sound Lao Entertainment, Mr Khounphone Monmeuangneua and Ms Saphaothong Manivong, are seeking more support from their fans after recently launching their new singles with the company.

Since their release, the pair’s songs have been made available on local TV and radio channels as well as YouTube and attracted a large number of followers.

So far, Mr Khounphone and Ms Saphaothong are happy with the results. However, as newcomers, many people still don’t know about them and their music, so they want to make sure that more numbers of the public get familiar with them and ask for more support from members of the public, especially music lovers.

Khounphone, a well-known TV DJ from TVLao and also a Radio DJ from 98.8Mhz, fell in love with music and singing when he was just a boy. He is an active young man from Xayaboury province who has struggled his way through life by working entertainment tables in Vientiane over a long period of time.

He recently launched himself as a singer with his new single named Borvaokorkhaojai. It is a love song written by Mr Bounthom Phanthamaly, describing the love o f a boy and girl who loves each other very much but they are shy and don’t dare to tell each other, so only express it through their actions, until one day they embrace what was meant to be.

Meanwhile, Saphaothong is recognised as the youngest newcomer f or TK at only 15 years of age. She is a beautiful young girl who has considerable singing talent and has won many singing contests in Vientiane.

She comes to TK with her new single iJingjaiyalaymua , written by Ms Sengdala Pakkathong.

It is also a love song, describing love via social media. It indicates that many people meet each other via social media and say they love each other but many of them just tell lies because they can’t meet in reality and have never seen each other. Love through social media is not to be trusted, the song entails.

So, this song tells, if the boy really loves a girl through social media, he should not tell lies to her.

As new singers, Khounphone and Saphaothong come to the public eye with their first songs each and they would like to ask music fans to support their initial releases as well as any subsequent ones.

They promised to try their best to serve and entertain the public, especially music lovers.

The pair are very happy and proud to be singers as they have dreamed, and they both plan to introduce new singles for their fans when the time is right and hope that they will be warmly welcomed into the music world.

They are also happy to come to TK Soundlao and thank the company for giving them a chance to be a part of their team.

In order to promote traditional folk songs and attract more music lovers, TK Sound Lao Entertainment Company regularly offers new music and welcome new singers to its stable.

The company has worked actively to produce the best products for fans over the years, and this year the company will continue to produce more music products.

All new singles are now available on media channels such as TV, radio, and YouTube. Music lovers, especially TK’s fans, can reach them easily.

Source: Vientiane Times