Harder Works Needed to Fully Rule Laos by Laws: Senior Official


Law enforcement, the justice system and all stakeholders need to work harder to ensure that society in Laos is fully ruled by laws as evidence emerges that some regulations continue to be violated, a senior government official has said.

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bouangeun Xaphouvong made the comment yesterday in a meeting at the National Culture Hall to mark Lao Constitution Day that falls annually on August 15.

He hailed the progress Laos had made in its effort to create the country as a state ruled by laws, saying the constitution has been critical guiding instrument on this ambitious path.

The constitution, has been the country’s fundamental legal document that has been translated further into the 119 laws promulgated so far, Mr. Bouangeun said.

In addition, a number of regulations under these laws have also been formulated to standardise and manage society enabling Laos to enjoy continuing political stability, social order and high levels of economic growth.

The current constitution is the third amended version.

The second amendment was made in 2003.

The original [first] Lao constitution was approved by the National Assembly in 1991.

Coming some 16 years after Lao People’s Democratic Republic was proclaimed on December 2, 1975, the first constitution was officially promulgated on August 15, 1991, with that day proclaimed as Constitution Day nationwide.

Despite the progress Laos has made, challenges and shortcomings meant that law enforcers and all stakeholders needed to work harder to overcome obstacles and deliver better justice to society, the deputy minister said.

He stated that violations against the country’s laws and regulations remained in evidence.

Some powerful officials want to live above laws. Wealthy individuals want to live outside laws using their money to buy , he told the meeting. Some officials have really been bought.

Representatives from various departments under the ministry attended the meeting.

He stated that such issues remain in existence due to involvement by undisciplined officials who did not observe the Party and state’s policy and guidelines.

The Party has educated us that the interest of the nation and the people are the top priority, he said.

The deputy minister praised the media’s growing role in exposing issues and bringing them to light that would lead to investigations and resolution by relevant regulatory authorities.

He noted that the local media is becoming increasingly courageous in exposing issues and encouraged the media to work harder in bringing issues and occurrences into light in a constructive manner in line with the country’s principles and laws.

Source: Vientiane Times