Donnoun-Thangone Road Contractor to Solve Flooding Issues


The project contractor which completed the upgrade of a 12km stretch of Road No. 10 from Donnoun junction to Thangone village in Xaythany district is looking to improve the drainage system after the road experienced recent flooding.

After heavy rains for three days over the period from September 5-7, many places along the Donnoun to Thangone road in Vientiane are now under water.

Project manager Mr. Tingkham Sisavath told Vientiane Times on Thursday that there are five places along the road impacted by flooding such as Dontiew, Danxang, the area near the new offices of the Ministry of Justice, the area near Nongxeuam restaurant and Ban Na village.

All of these locations are in low lying areas and there was an old drainage channel in the area, which has contributed to the flooding after recent heavy rains.

“Currently, we are looking at ways we can improve and clean the drains along the road sections where flooding was experienced,” Mr. Tingkham said.

He said the upgrade of the 12km stretch of Road No. 10 from Donnoun junction to Thangone village in Xaythany district, Vientiane is almost 100 percent complete, with just a few small jobs remaining.

Workers are currently improving the Oudomphon- Nonsaengchan crossroads by adding 60 metres of concrete along the Oudomphon road while the traffic lights at Nonsa-Aath market are already in place.

The official handover ceremony is expected to take place sometime next month.

The road has been surfaced with concrete, pavements built, and traffic lights and streetlights installed. Other improvements include a drainage system and a median strip. There will also be public parking spaces and bus stops.

The project began in July 2013 and comes with a price tag of US$56 million (456 billion kip), funded upfront by the Thongphouphan Oudomsin Road-Bridge Maintenance and Construction Co., Ltd.

The government will reimburse the company after completion of the project. The road has been widened from the previous 10 metres to 25 metres, of which 19 metres

have been sealed. Meanwhile, the 9.4 kilometre road from Tanmixay crossroads in Xaythany district to the Sikeuth junction with Highway 13 North in Naxaithong district has commenced after the 2.5km road section running from Dongdok to the Tanmixay traffic lights was completed recently.

The construction is expected to be finished within two years from 2016-2018 with the total cost of the project set at US$45.1 million.

The new road will be 28 metres wide and have six lanes, a median strip, sidewalks and a drainage system. Traffic lights will also be installed.

The road connects Road No 13 North, the 450 Year Road and Kaysone Phomvihane Road via the National University of Laos.

The government will repay the constructor (Tangchaleun Group Co., Ltd) over a period of seven years with interest set at 3.5 percent per annum, starting from next year.

Source: Vientiane Times