Prachuap Official Center of Attention as He Defends Laotian Neighbor Caught With Ganja


PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN —  A deputy administration official is finding himself in hot water after coming out to defend a Laotian neighbor who was caught with ganja.

The Laotian man – a student studying in Thailand called Suriya Habun who is a neighbor of the public official – burst through a police checkpoint in his Benz, reported Sanook.

He was chased down but still refused to open his windows. He was towed to the police station from Petchkasem Road still inside his car. Later a small quantity of marijuana, just two grams, was found in the car.

The public official – who was not named – said it was just a minor matter. It was not as if it was something serious like Ya Ba, he claimed.

He said that the student, who he knows, suffers from paranoia and broke through the checkpoint because he was worried about having ganja in his possession: “I want this all sorted out,” he said in a rambling six minute explanation posted online. “We should be friends with the Lao people”.

But many among the 300,000 people who shared the video of the yellow shirted official wondered about his motives in standing up for the student.

Source: Sanook