Laos to Send Skilled Labourers to Korea


Laos will send skilled workers to the Republic of Korea after the two countries signed on to the Service Commitment Agreement of the Point System.

Following the agreement, it is estimated that some 500 people will be selected to go to Korea after passing a skills test which will be administrated by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea).

Director of Laos’ Employment Service Centre (ESC), Mr. Khamsene Xayavong, talked about the scheme after he recently signed the agreement with the President of HRD Korea, Mr. Park Young-Bum.

The agreement outlines the duties and requirements in support and cooperation between the two sides for the smooth conducting of the Point System (EPS-TOPIK, skills test and competency test).

Another objective of the agreement is to establish a viable framework for cooperation between the two parties and to enhance transparency and efficiency in the process of sending and receiving Lao workers by setting out the relevant provisions under the Employment Permit System.

The ESC will invite members of the public to register to take the tests, said Mr. Khamsene during a telephone interview with Vientiane Times yesterday.

HRD Korea will set the standards for the tests and confirm them with the ESC if necessary. The number of applicants can be decided through prior consultation between both sides.

“We will partner with HRD Korea to give the tests and will select skilled people to go to Korea to work in small and medium enterprises and in agriculture. The exact numbers will be further discussed,” he said.

Under the agreement, Mr. Khamsene said the ESC will carry out the work as required by HRD Korea concerning the implementation of the Point System in a transparent and fair way.

The ESC will support and cooperate in the establishment of Point System-related computer infrastructure and will assist with the immigration process including the issuance of visas for HRD Korea staff and others involved in the scheme.

Mr. Khamsene said the ESC will also help with customs clearance and the exemption of customs duties on the equipment and materials needed for the tests.

In turn, HRD Korea will pay for any work to be carried in relation to the Point System to ESC and will execute it transparently.

HRD Korea is a government-affiliated agency under the Ministry of Employment and Labour financed by the national budget. It will be directly in charge of managing the job seekers’ roster and receiving Lao workers.

The Employment Permit System is well regarded and its transparency assured.

The system is seen as a good choice for Lao workers because they will receive a reasonable income and be able to develop their skills and gain experience that will enable them to contribute to socio-economic development when they return to Laos, Mr. Khamsene added.

Last year, Laos exported as many as 50,712 workers in the fiscal year that ended in September, including 27,176 women, official statistics show.

Most of these workers obtained jobs in Thailand, while just over 50 people found employment in Japan, according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.


Source: Vientiane Times