Authorities Meet on Proposed Law of Treaties


Authorities from eight northern provinces met in Bokeo province recently to discuss a proposed draft law of treaties and international agreements .

The draft law would be the first law issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and would set the principles, regulations and procedures for treaty implementation created by government.

The law would allow central state departments, relevant sectors, Lao Front for National Construction, mass organisations and local authorities to defend treaties and international agreements.

The legislation aims to promote unity in the country by focusing on foreign policy to encourage peace, independence and friendly relations, as well as develop cooperation between Laos and overseas nations while integrating regionally and internationally.

The two-day meeting on November 2-3 was organised by the Treaties and Law Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ms Khamphao Eunthavanh chaired the meeting.

Ms Khamphao said the purpose of the meeting was to present the draft law on treaties and international agreements that had been produced by ministry officials. All participants were sounded out and exchanged ideas on the law.

Following the meeting in Bokeo province, the Treaties and Law Department will hold meetings to get the opinion of local authorities in the central and southern regions.

After that, ministry officials would use their feedback to improve the draft.

The draft law on treaties and international agreements is among a number of pieces of legislation that will be submitted to the National Assembly as part of the Resolution of the 10th Party Congress on creating stability for the state, democracy and government under the law.


Source: Vientiane Times