President Gives Development Advice in Vientiane Province


Cracking down on illegal activities, alleviating poverty, and addressing economic disparities are some of the issues that President Bounnhang Vorachit has told local administrations to focus on.

These were the main items the president raised when meeting with leaders and core officials in Vientiane province yesterday.

Mr Bounnhang took the opportunity to praise the province’s recent achievements in national defence, public security, and socio-economic development.

He noted that social order and economic growth had been maintained in the province, saying they were the result of joint efforts by all sectors, including education, public health, national defence, and public security.

The president also outlined issues that the provincial authorities needed to make more effort to address, including land-related disputes, duplicate land use authorisation, and unclear property-to-capital transference.

Mr Bounnhang said he wanted the authorities to pay particular attention to land issues as they were increasingly common.

He also wanted the authorities to make more detailed inspections of forest enrichment, environmental and mining activities.

He reminded those present about various undesirable activities taking place in society, especially drug trafficking, which he said was of great concern to the general public, and told the authorities to prioritise this problem.

The president also mentioned transparency in public service and embezzlement by government officials. He referred to the large amounts of additional revenue earned by some budgetary units, which had been uncovered by audits.

Mr Bounnhang said economic disparity between urban and rural areas was a challenge to Party ideology in developing the country into a socialist community. He said that even though the Party had encouraged the building of townships as economic centres in rural areas, there had not been much progress in this regard.

Disparities can lead to antagonism between social extremes. And it hinders the building of socialist communities, he said.

Migration from rural to urban areas, theft and robbery were other problem areas cited by President Bounnhang, who asked the authorities to address them more effectively.

He advised the authorities to obtain clear information, analyse the situation and determine the truth in each case before making decisions about how to address them.

He stressed the implementation of the Party’s Sam Sang (Three Builds) directive and poverty alleviation as being essential to maintain social order. He also stressed the building of a transparent and strong political system that serves people’s interests.

He advised leaders and officials to be good models in all progressive dimensions, and to comply with the law both in speech and action.

Source: Vientiane Times