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Kaleang Cave to be New Tourism Site in Saravan Province

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Local authorities of Saravan Province are preparing to develop the Tham Kaleang Cave to be one of the new of tourist attractions of the province.  Tham Kaleang Cave is expected to open for visitor around the Lao New Year in 2017.

Mr Ounthoung Kaophan, Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism recently took a working visit to Saravan Province to survey the new tourist site commenting that the site will be the new face of tourism in the province.

During the working visit to the province, the Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism stressed to the local authorities of Saravan Province that while developing the tourist site, it is important to preserve and protect the existing natural environment to impress visitors.

Mr Ounthoung Kaophan and his delegation also took a sightseeing tour to the Tham Nam Lord waterway through the cave and the Tad Nam Lord waterfall while inspecting the basic infrastructure of the area to ensure that will provide convenience to visitors to the area.

Saravan Province spans Laos from its western border with Thailand to its eastern border with Vietnam.  It is situated on the Bolaven Plateau, is devoted to agriculture and offers idyllic natural scenery.

Saravan Province is also home to the ecotourism destination Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area.  It is the only park in the country on the Mekong River.  It covers nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province and is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species.

It is thought that Asiatic black bears, banteng (a species of wild cattle), clouded leopards, Douc langurs, elephants, gibbons, guars, Siamese crocodiles and tigers inhabit the area. 


Source: KPL

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