Laos Needs to Increase Understanding of E-learning


The National University of Laos held a conference yesterday called the 2nd Dissemination Workshop on E-learning at the National University of Laos (NUoL) in order to increase teachers’ and professors’ understanding of new electronic learning (E-learning) methods.

The workshop was attended by Vice President of NUoL, Associate Prof. Dr Houngphet Chanhthavong.

Director of the Information Technology Centre under NUoL, Dr Phonekeo Chanthamany, told Vientiane Times yesterday a that the University began researching E-learning in 2012 under the ASEAN Cyber University (ACU) Project, with the goal of advancing international human resource exchange and improving the overall quality of education at the university.

He said during the meeting, participants reported the progress of their activities and shared their experiences with E-learning methodology.

The Information and Technology Centre under NUoL has had success cooperating with partner countries on researching the efficacy of E-learning. Their eventual goal is to develop a database for education quality management at every level of learning and teaching at each faculty of NUoL.

Prof. Dr Houngphet said after opening the quality education database and implementing E-learning into the university’s teaching methodology that they will begin training teachers to use the software soon.

To assist students, this centre provides essential information about the use of technology in web-enhanced courses.

Our mission is to provide the university’s faculty, staff and students with resources to facilitate a successful online learning experience, he continued.

The focus of the E- Learning team is to assist with the integration of technology into online, hybrid and classroom-based courses. Services for faculty and staff include instructional design, training and support.

Currently, E-learning is utilised across universities in almost every ASEAN member state and will continue to be an ever more important facet of higher education.


Source: Vientiane Times