CARE Works with Laos to Eradicate Violence against Women, Children


CARE International has cooperated with the Lao government, Lao Women’s Union and line ministries to promote gender equality and combat violence against women and children in Laos.

“Today, we have fifteen projects being implemented across the country. Among which, three projects are focused on preventative measures against violence against women through raising public awareness about violence against women in rural and remote areas. They are supported by the European Union and the Australian government,” said Glenn Bon, Country Director, CARE International (Laos).

CARE previously worked with the United Nations making a guidebook to encourage men and women to take part in community-based campaigns combating violence against women and children.

CARE has also supported village, district and provincial campaigns for gender equality and women’s empowerment to strengthen the capability of Lao Women’s Union representatives by ensuring that they have a role on the projects and supported the government campaigns to visit villages and to provide moral and technical support for gender equality approaches.

Since 1993, CARE has provided a number of long-term development programmes in Laos. Its focus is on improving livelihoods, ensuring food security and community development in remote rural areas; preventing the spread of avian influenza and other emerging infectious diseases; and supporting vulnerable women and girls.


Source: KPL