Drug Traffickers Arrested in the Provinces


Phongsaly provincial police recently arrested a drug trafficker after finding more than 108,000 amphetamine pills, two kilogrammes of opium, an ingot of heroin, a small bag of crystal methamphetamine and other items in his possession.

According to the Khuamsangob newspaper, police received a tipoff from people regarding the transport of illegal drugs from Nhot-ou district to Bounneua district, Phongsaly province.

The police had joined with local authorities to set up a roadblock in Nhot-ou district and inspected a target pick-up truck and found the illegal drug stash inside the vehicle.

The drug trafficker was named as Mr Khae-chiem, 52, of Audomsin village, Sing district, Luang Namtha province.

Mr Khae-chiem admitted to police he bought the illegal drugs from Mr Asan, 33, of Nhot-ou district and bought the two kilogrammes of opium from Mr Singkham, 23, of Phousang village, in the same district.

Police are continuing their investigation into the case in the hope of identifying other people involved in the drug ring.

Elsewhere police in the provinces of Bokeo and Luang Namtha have made significant arrests involving large quantities of illegal drugs.

The Bokeo Drug Prevention and Control Department recently arrested a couple and confiscated 12kg of crystal methamphetamine and about 42,000 amphetamine pills in Namkerng village, Tonpheung district.

Police used a vehicle inspection checkpoint in Namkerng village to stop and examine a bus and found the crystal methamphetamine and amphetamine pills in the couple’s bags.

The pair were named as Mr Maysengyod, 51, and Ms Fong, 48, of Huaypherng village, Tonpheung district.

They told police that a drug dealer, who they couldn’t name, hired them to take the drugs from Bokeo province to Vientiane for which they would be paid about 102,000 Thai baht.

Meanwhile, in Luang Namtha province police arrested two men after finding 18,000 amphetamine pills concealed in a motorbike.

The men were named as Mr Korpa, 32, and Mr Kermue, 27, both of Poungxay village, Long district.

Under the amended Article 146 of the Criminal Law, for cases involving refined drugs as opposed to precursor chemicals, the penalties are the following.

For the possession, trading, sale or trafficking of between 0.3 and 100 grammes of synthetic drugs such as amphetamines, ecstasy, ice or crystal methamphetamine or other mind altering substances, the punishment shall be a prison sentences of between 10-20 years in jail plus financial penalties.

Under the law, anyone convicted of possessing over 500g of heroin can be handed the death penalty.


Source: Vientiane Times