Environmental and Social Monitoring Receives World Bank Support


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and its development partners organised a review of the Second Lao Environment and Social Project in 2016 and planning meeting for next year’s works.

The concerned departments at the ministry highlighted the key achievements of 13 sub-projects under the Second Lao Environment and Social Project at the meeting on Tuesday in Vientiane.

The Planning and Cooperation Department reviewed the sub-project named Strength building, planning and coordination for the natural resources and environment sectors, at a cost of US$498,000.

The department also highlighted the achievements of a sub-project in 2016 which was supporting local natural resources and environment sectors in eight target provinces and upgrading the skills of department officials.

Meanwhile, department representatives also outlined plans for next year, as the project will continue to support sub-projects in other provinces around the country. Meanwhile, the Environmental Quality Promotion Department reviewed a sub-project called General capacity building for scaling up ISP and SEA, which is being un undertaken at a cost of US$799,115.

A sub-project has been operated in six target provinces as well as the capital and there is a pilot sub-project in Luang Namtha province, supporting new technology for environmentally sustainable development. It also organised the green/clean programmes in targeted communities.

Department representatives offered plans for next year, during which time the sub-project will continue strength building initiatives at the National Environment Committee.

It will also assess the pilot sub-project in Luang Namtha province, as well as develop more pilot sub-projects in target districts and promote green technologies that are good for the environment.

During the meeting, the Pollution Control Department reviewed a sub-project named Capacity Building for Pollution Control, Waste and Hazardous Chemicals Management, at a cost of US$699,773. The sub-project has helped to develop and improve the juristic acts on pollution control, waste and hazardous chemicals management.

All sub-projects have been funded by the World Bank through the Environment Protection Fund under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and will run from 2016 to 2020.

According to the World Bank, the funds of the Second Lao Environment and Social Project for Laos have helped to strengthen selected environmental protection management systems, specifically for protected areas conservation, enforcement of wildlife laws and environmental assessment management.

The fund has been provided financing to scale-up activities including improving the financing capacity of the Environment Protection Fund, as well as supporting capacity building at national, provincial and district institutions to implement the Lao legislation on environmental and social impacts.

It has also supported strengthening the university environment and social curriculum and broadening project support to forested upper-watersheds of rivers important to hydropower, agriculture, irrigation and flood prevention.

Source: Vientiane Times