Govt Focusing on Developing ICT Infrastructure


The government has set the target of developing and expanding the nation’s information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure, according to a leading official.

This was the message highlighted by Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Bounthong Chitmany during the closing day of a meeting from December 15-16 in Vientiane which summarised the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications’ work over the past year and revealed plans for next year concentrating on expansion of ICT infrastructure.

He called on the ministry to accelerate the rollout of connections and internet speeds, along with improving quality standards while keeping costs low.

Laos needed to have a national data and information centre for saving all electronic data of ministries and government-private organisations around the country, he said.

Other needs included inspections to confirm the technical standards of telecommunications equipment and their compliance with international standards at a reasonable price.

Dr Bounthong called for the continuation of awareness raising campaigns so people in society fully understood how to use social media appropriately while paying attention to ICT human resource development and guidance of Laos’ first telecommunications satellite (Lao Sat-1) project.

During the meeting, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Dr Thansamay Kommasith also gave a presentation on the achievements of the ministry. The past year involved capacity building for the ministry’s officials in the use of ICT systems and operations, especially concerning Lao Sat-1, as well as paying attention to social media management.

The ministry has responsibility for managing the nation’s ICT and has concentrated on developing modern technical structures such as the National Internet Centre, Cyber Safe Protection Centre, Lao Computer Emergency Response Centre, National Transmission Line, and the Lao Satellite.

The ministry has also improved and developed legislation to manage and improve ICT such as the laws on telecommunications, posts, prevention and combating cyber crime and the law on information technology.

However the ministry recognised IT as a double-edged sword as it has faced challenges in the areas of knowledge and capacity building in ICT use.

The IT sector will play a major role in society and socio-economic development. The government aims to develop all working sectors of ICT in a bid to create an advanced government administration in the modern digital era.

For next year’s plan, the ministry will continue implementing the Party’s policy and socio-economic development plan relevant to the sector.


Source: Vientiane Times