SCG Muang Thong United to Play Friendly Match in Lao PDR


A friendly football match between SCG Muang Thong United and Lao Premier League All Star will be held at the Chao Anouvong stadium in Vientiane Capital on January 25.

SCG, a leading conglomerate for sustainable development in the ASEAN region, is organizing SCG Muang Thong United ASEAN Tour 2017 in Lao PDR.

As the main sponsor of Muang Thong United, a leading ASEAN football club with a big following in Lao PDR, SCG is pleased, with the cooperation of Lao Football Federation, to host the friendly football match between Lao Premier League All Stars and SCG Muang Thong United.

Mr. Xaybandith Rasphone, General Secretary of Lao Football Federationsaid, “We would like to thank SCG for organizing SCG Muang Thong United ASEAN Tour 2017 in Laos. The friendly football match will be regarded as an important event. As we know, football in the ASEAN region has developed significantly.  In Laos, we have been trying a lot to promote football during the past several years, especially the Lao League. As can be seen, a Lao football club got a quota to play in the Asian football league. Moreover, the Lao Premier League All Stars team was established to award outstanding players and to welcome matches against foreign teams. We also would like to thank SCG for hosting the Football Clinic for Lao young people. This will be an excellent activity that will help to inspire the children of the country.”

Mr. Wiroat Rattanachaisit, Managing Director of Sales and Channels at SCG Cement-Building Materials Co., Ltd. added,“Apart from our business objectives, SCG is strongly committed to sustainable business practices. We actively and constantly strive for the sustainable development of human capacity. As can be seen, SCG has continued to implement the “SCG Sharing the Dream” program, which is one of SCG’s social responsibility activities, for five years in Lao PDR. Another important activity that SCG believes will be beneficial for the development of human capacity in Lao PDR is sport, which is considered as an international language to reach many people regardless of sex or age.”

Mr Ronnarit Suewaja, Club Director and Executive Director SCG Muang Thong United said that this match aims to test the football team by competing with other national football teams in ASEAN.

The next SCG Muang Thong United ASEAN Tour 2017 will visit Hong Kong.

Along with the match, a Football Clinic will be offered to Lao young people to practice with professional players and coaches from Muangthong United’s Football Academy. The proceeds from the match will be donated to charitable organizations to help improve the quality of life for Lao people.  Tickets are available for 20,000 kip at any True Coffee or Jiffy convenience store or by calling +856 (020) 7899 5959.


Source: KPL