VCDs Promote Gender Equality without Violence against Women


VCDs containing five short films on the topic Promoting Gender Equality without Violence against Women (VAW) will be disseminated to the general public following a handover ceremony which took place on Thursday, December 22 in Vientiane Capital.

The Gender Development Association (GDA) presented the VCDs to the Commission for Women’s Advancement, Mother and Child of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICT).

The VCDs were presented by Director of the Gender Development Association Manivanh Suyavong to Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Savankhone Razmountry.

In collaboration with the Commission for Women’s Advancement, Mother and Child of the MICT, GDA implemented a drama contest on VAW under the theme of promoting gender equality through the rule of law and good governance project funded by Oxfam and the EU.  The winning short films are featured on the VCD.

The VCDs were produced by the Film Department of the MICT and feature five short stories including “To Breath”, “Mommy, Daddy & Me”, “Opportunity”, “Violence of Love in Learning Ages”, and “Belief”.

“The problem of violence is everywhere in the world and not only rural or remote areas.  It has been a problem for a long time, but today we have this VCD to raise awareness throughout society about the importance of eliminating violence against women,” said Mr Savankhone.

He said that the VCDs also promote gender quality to achieve socio-economic development goals and reduce poverty.

Mr Savankhone thanked the participants and supporters of the production of the VCDs while giving assurances that they would be disseminated to the public in society in the continuing efforts to eliminate all violence in society.

“The VCDs will be disseminated in communities and to training organizing.  I hope that they will benefit society in promoting gender equality as well as raising awareness about this issue throughout the country,” said Ms Manivanh.

She is calling on the public to work together to solve the problem of violence in the country.


Source: KPL