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VCDs Promote Gender Equality without Violence against Women

VCDs containing five short films on the topic Promoting Gender Equality without Violence against Women (VAW) will be disseminated to the general public following a handover ceremony which took place on Thursday, December 22 in Vientiane Capital.

The Gender Development Association (GDA) presented the VCDs to the Commission for Women’s Advancement, Mother and Child of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICT).

The VCDs were presented by Director of the Gender Development Association Manivanh Suyavong to Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Savankhone Razmountry.

In collaboration with the Commission for Women’s Advancement, Mother and Child of the MICT, GDA implemented a drama contest on VAW under the theme of promoting gender equality through the rule of law and good governance project funded by Oxfam and the EU.  The winning short films are featured on the VCD.

The VCDs were produced by the Film Department of the MICT and feature five short stories including “To Breath”, “Mommy, Daddy & Me”, “Opportunity”, “Violence of Love in Learning Ages”, and “Belief”.

“The problem of violence is everywhere in the world and not only rural or remote areas.  It has been a problem for a long time, but today we have this VCD to raise awareness throughout society about the importance of eliminating violence against women,” said Mr Savankhone.

He said that the VCDs also promote gender quality to achieve socio-economic development goals and reduce poverty.

Mr Savankhone thanked the participants and supporters of the production of the VCDs while giving assurances that they would be disseminated to the public in society in the continuing efforts to eliminate all violence in society.

“The VCDs will be disseminated in communities and to training organizing.  I hope that they will benefit society in promoting gender equality as well as raising awareness about this issue throughout the country,” said Ms Manivanh.

She is calling on the public to work together to solve the problem of violence in the country.


Source: KPL

Vientiane Authorities Promote Road Safety

The Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security, in partnership with Lao Brewery Co., Ltd, is continuing its road safety awareness project to reduce the rising number of accidents and traffic congestion.

Director General of the Traffic Police Department, Colonel Khamthavai Phetouthai noted at the road safety awareness project ceremony on Thursday in Vientiane that The number of vehicles is continuing to increase, which is leading to more accidents and traffic congestion in the country.

In 2014, there were 5,072 road accidents around the country, in which 9,264 people sustained injures while there were 1,054 fatalities.

In 2015, there were 4,349 road accidents nationwide, in which 6,686 people sustained injuries while there were 797 fatalities. The cost of damages was estimated at over 90 billion kip, he said.

According to the department, from January to August 2016, there were 3,746 accidents recorded nationwide during this time, including 714 fatalities. Some 5,935 people were injured and 6,883 vehicles were damaged.

Meanwhile, motorbikes were involved in 95 percent of the accidents, with 90 percent of those dying in accidents being male.

The majority of accidents occurring around the country still involved drunken driving and high speeds.

The project will be handing out information on the traffic regulations and the dangers of careless driving. The on-going activities have helped participants have a better understanding about traffic rules and the danger of accidents.

The project is focused on enforcing the traffic regulations along the national roads, setting up checkpoints to monitor motorists’ speeds and assessing their levels of sobriety along important roads.

In particular, the project has highlighted the meaning of road safety and traffic signs, the anti- drink-driving message, and also distributed stickers and brochures at schools, roadsides and to participants during activities.

Following the campaign, the authorities hope society will have a much better understanding of the traffic regulations, especially students at man y schools, as young people are over represented in road statistics.

The project will run from December 2016 to March 2017 and then they will summarise their results.

A ceremony for the road safety awareness project launch took place at the Traffic Police Department office on Thursday and was attended by Deputy Director General of the General Police Department, Brigadier General Dr Thongsavanh Vongsavath, Director General of the Traffic Police Department, Colonel Khamthavai Phetouthai, and President of Lao Brewery Co., Ltd., Mr Sounthone Phommachack. Lao Brewery Co., Ltd supported this year’s operations with funds totalling 260 million kip.


Source: Vientiane Times

Laos, Partners Promote Int’l Humanitarian Law

Laos will partner with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the international community at large to raise awareness and understanding of the International Humanitarian Law, as part of the State Parties’ obligations.

This was the key statement delivered yesterday by the Director General of the Department of Treaties and Law at the Ministry of ForeignAffairs, Mr Phoukhong Sisoulath, when addressing a seminar on related issues.

In his opening remarks, Mr Phoukhong said he appreciated the efforts of the ICRC to make the International Humanitarian Law known worldwide, and its important role in limiting the impact of wars and armed conflicts that have occurred in many parts of the world.

As Laos has been affected by war and armed conflict in the past, its people are cognisant of the impact of war and the adverse consequences of war remnants in the form of UXO.

“The country now enjoys lasting peace which is the highest aspiration of the Lao people,” Mr Phoukhong said.

The importance of the International Humanitarian Law and the treaties and conventions that form its core were the main points of the seminar organised by the department and the ICRC yesterday.

“The ICRC and the Lao Red Cross have worked together since 1999 to promote and disseminate the International Humanitarian Law in Laos. Many sessions and workshops on the law and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement have been held in Vientiane and at the provincial level,” the Head of the ICRC office in Laos, Mr Frank Kuenzi, said.

Mr Kuenzi said the ICRC’s mission includes the promotion and dissemination of the law, adding “The International Humanitarian Law, and the respect of its principles and provisions by all parties to a conflict, are of utmost importance since we witness in many parts of the world an escalation of protracted situations of conflict and a multiplication of actors involved in those conflicts.”

“Ensuring the knowledge and the respect of the provisions of the law is an obligation. It is in times of peace that preparations for a deterioration of the situation, leading potentially to conflicts, should be made,” Mr Kuenzi said.

“This is the fourth event organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where we have the opportunity to share knowledge and views on how the law remains relevant even during peacetime,” he added.

Fifty representatives from related line ministries and organisations attended and heard about the main humanitarian-related treaties, in particular the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols, as well as Laos’adherence to those treaties.

The seminar was part of the joint effort by the Lao government and the ICRC to raise awareness and understanding of the International Humanitarian Law in Laos.

The seminar was co-chaired by Mr Kuenzi, Mr Phoukhong and the ICRC Regional Legal Adviser, Ms Kelisiana Thynne.


Source: Vientiane Times

Traffic Police to Promote Road Safety during Festival

The Vientiane Traffic Police Department will be maintaining a booth to advertise the importance of road safety at the That Luang festival celebrations in a bid to stem the rising number of accidents.

The booth will be manned from November 12-14, located in front of the National Assembly. The aim of the initiative is to promote order on the roads and reduce the number of accidents during the That Luang Festival.

Deputy Chief of Vientiane Traffic Police Department, Major Sangkhom Phommalath reported that every year, the department cooperates with private companies to open booths and inform festival goers about the traffic regulations, aiming to reduce deaths, injuries and accidents.

“Last year, we organised the booth at the Lao ITECC because the site of the festival was not convenient but this year we moved to the That Luang festival site again,” Major Sangkhom said.

The booth will have many features to highlight road safety issues, including accident photos and information and awareness booklets, he explained.

Officers on duty at the booth will also offer question and answer sessions.

They will be giving away prizes to people who visit the traffic safety booth, including shirts, stickers, jackets, umbrellas, pens, road safety handbooks and helmets, to those who can correctly answer questions about the traffic regulations.

Major Sangkhom Phommalath said last year the police booth received interest from the people because they organised many activities and were giving away prizes to the visitors.

However, despite the safety awareness efforts, the congestion of last year’s That Luang Festival resulted in a larger than usual number of accidents.

According to Vientiane Traffic Police Department,

during last year’s That Luang festival from November 19- 25, 2015, some 19 road accidents occurred in the capital, resulting in four fatalities.

Of those involved in accidents, nine were slightly injured, 18 were seriously injured and four were critical.

The majority of victims were workers and students while most of the accidents were recorded in the districts of Xaythany, Xaysettha, and Chanthabouly, Vientiane. Most accidents involved motorcycles.

This year, in order to prevent accidents and reduce traffic congestion police also stationed 400 police officers on duty at 81 police posts in the capital. The police will be stationed within the festival area and on standby to deal with any road accidents.

However, road users should be pay attention to the traffic regulations and obey the instructions of police officers to minimise congestion and road accidents.


Source: Vientiane Times

Schools Build Network to Promote Children’s Right to Education

A network was founded this year to strengthen primary schools’ capacity to protect and promote children’s right to education.

Teachers from 13 primary schools met yesterday to discuss the creation of the protective network in Vientiane.

During the meeting, participants reported on their experiences of protecting and promoting children’s rights in their local communities.

The focus of the talks included the issues that many children face in accessing this right. As children are often among the most vulnerable to the forces of society, it is especially important for educators to take responsibility for safeguarding young students’ rights.

Economic and social antagonisms often result in children not realising their right to an education. Many instances of children being forced to work to support poor families or succumbing to drug abuse were raised at the meeting as common examples of the infringement of children’s right to education.

Participants exchanged information, experiences and best practices on the current application of rights-focused activities in Vientiane through after school activities in the 13 target primary schools.

The schools included in the initial founding of the network are in Dongsavath, Nahay, Udomphon, Nongbuathongtai, Danxang, Nongneua, Chommanytai, Xangleua, Sinak, Ilay, Piavath, Nakha and Khosivilay villages.

Deputy Head of the Vientiane Education and Sports Office, Mr. Southany Xayasane, spoke at the meeting about the importance of this network.

I think it’s essential that we as educators forge a network aimed at increasing our understanding of how to protect the right of each child to an education. This initiative must include members of the local community if it is to be successful, he said.

He added that the network’s goal is to escalate the role of each teacher in providing information to the parents of children because indicators have demonstrated the vital role parents play in ensuring their children attend classes and extracurricular activities.

There is a common misconception that these issues only exist in rural areas and that by focusing on improving policy in urban areas, the government can take these lessons and apply them on a country wide level, Mr. Southany said.

Poor and marginalised children in Vientiane face a multitude of problems from a lack of education. While the network’s primary goal is to focus on policies that are oriented towards children already enrolled in school, they hope to expand in the future to help drop-outs re-enter the education system.

Head of the Dongsavath Children and Youth Development Association, Mr. Phonexay Inthaleuxay, said the network will expand to include more members at the local community level, including civil society organisations and other key actors.

The network will continue to provide practical training to its members to strengthen the capacity of educators on children’s rights.


Source: Vientiane Times

Ministry, Betagro Join Forces to Promote Livestock Breeding

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in cooperation with Betagro (Lao) Sole Co., Ltd. is giving advice to farmers across Laos on livestock breeding.

Asean Business Awards 2016 Promote Enterprise Strength

The Asean Business Awards (ABA) 2016 were unveiled on Monday in conjunction with the Asean Summits at a reception in Vientiane, attended by Lao Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Duangdy, other ministers and distinguished guests.

Urban Youth Dance 2016 to Promote Youth Performance

Urban Youth Dance 2016 (UYD 2016) will be held at the National Culture Hall on Sep 9-10, 2016 with the sponsorship of Coca Cola Laos and Unilever Laos, among others.