That Luang Lake Walking Street: Vientiane’s Newest Night Market

That Luang Lake Walking Street

Vientiane Capital has an insatiable appetite for night markets. For a city that not so long ago fell asleep at sundown, evening activity has steadily increased over the last few years. Residents now enjoy a variety of locations to spend their evenings. And now there’s one more option: the That Luang Lake Walking Street.

It Started At Wat Chan

vientiane night market

When the Vientiane Night Market at Wat Chan opened at Chao Anouvong Park, it completely transformed the riverside experience for Vientiane residents and visitors. At around 4:30pm each day, the famed red umbrellas unfold in droves, and the busy market is born again. Traffic on the road through Chao Anouvong Park is closed at 5:30pm and the hustle and bustle begins; a mix of joggers, shoppers, and casual strollers. The market offers clothes, souvenirs, electronics, toys, and a range of smaller food stalls. The atmosphere is always buzzing, and draws residents back time and again.

Then New World…

Walking Street Vientiane

Meanwhile, another little market appeared on the scene last year, deep in the warrens of the Vientiane New World complex. A hip little night bazaar called simply Walking Street offers a variety of sensational food options, cocktails, clothes and other items as well.

Read the Laotian Times review of Walking Street here.


And Now That Luang Lake…

That Luang Lake Walking Street Market

And just last night a third night market crept up on the city to cater to residents in the eastern districts.  The That Luang Lake Walking Street (in Lao ຕະຫຼາດແລງບຶງທາດຫຼວງ) quietly set up shop below the golden pillars of the That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone, where a Chinese developer has famously erected a cluster of towering condos.

The That Luang Lake Walking Street opened to crowds of people and caused not a little traffic chaos.  This new night market features over 200 stalls, including clothes, electronics, handicrafts, and food areas.
The That Luang Lake Walking Street night market opens from 4:00pm and runs until around 10:00pm.