I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Mango Ice-Cream!


Nothing screams ‘summer’ louder than ice-cream, and no one does ice-cream better than Swensen’s. With the hottest time of year steadily approaching, Swensen’s variety of scoops,  smoothies, and sundaes will be sure to cool down everyone in the family.

Though mangoes are delicious all on their own, the sweet, fleshy nectar of the tropical fruit goes well with anything and everything, and ice-cream is no exception. Mango season is highly anticipated nationwide, and for Swensen’s fans as well.

The Laotian Times was fortunate enough to be invited for a tasting of the newest edition to the menu, the OAK-RONG-THONG SUNDAE. What makes the OAK-RONG-THONG flavor unique from all the other sundaes is the garnishes that accompanies it; scoops of mango flavored ice-cream atop pandan sticky rice, sprinkled with young coconut shavings, coconut milk, mango puree, and to finish off the masterpiece, a mango-shaped ‘look-chub’ candy atop a mountain of whipped cream.

Since Swensen’s is all about selection, the sundae is offered in a variety of ways  including the Mango Trio, Mango Boat and, for those who can’t get enough of the mango madness, the Mango Hurricane; 5 big scoops of mango ice-cream, surrounded by pandan sticky rice and all of the trappings.

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For people who are looking to escape the sweltering heat, but want something just a tad more refreshing and healthy, that’s right, we said healthy,  the sugar-free Mango Sorbet Smoothie is the way to go. With just a hint of tartness, the perfectly blended mango sorbet is topped off with a touch of whipped cream (it balances out, the rest of your smoothie is already healthy!) and mango puree.

However, nothing good lasts forever, the OAK-RONG-THONG will only be available from April thru June, so get it while you can! All 3 Vientiane locations will be opened throughout Lao New Year from 10AM-10PM, so if you need a place to escape the heat and water fights, you know where to go!

Swensen’s is currently offering a 10% discount is for those who bring in fliers which have been distributed throughout schools and offices.