Linfox Expands Operations into Laos


Lao Logistics Group has officially signed a Joint Venture agreement with Linfox, a Melbourne-based transport company, making it the first foreign logistics company to establish operations in Laos.

Linfox is Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company that has rapidly expanded into Asian and New Zealand markets. The company currently has branches in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong and India.

In partnership with local businesses and people, the agreement allows Linfox to provide transport services across Laos.

Ms Gabby Costigan, CEO of Linfox International Group, stated that the partnership provides Linfox with a foothold in the emerging economies of the Mekong Delta region.

“Expansion into the greater Mekong Delta countries of Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia is a key objective of Linfox’s business strategy,” stated Ms Costigan. Adding,  “We see great potential in this region, not only for Linfox, but for the local communities and economies.”

“Laos’s position in relation to its neighbors offers enormous potential as a land-link and location to build further trade connections internationally.

“It will also generate real income for local business and promote increased investment in the region through the provision of efficient and cost-effective logistics services.”

This partnership will open up new opportunities for Laos to grow relationships with its Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) trade partners.

“We believe this JV is a positive step towards achieving ASEAN’s regional economic integration agenda,” said Ms Costigan. “We look forward to learning more about Laos, its culture and people as we grow this relationship.”