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Dec 2 National Day Celebrations – Past & Present

This Week

If you’ve ever wondered what the Dec 2 National Day Celebrations looked like in Laos, here’s a video clip of the past spectacular displays of fireworks that the country had to offer. Brilliant!

ນໍ້າໃຈວັນຊາດ 2 ທັນວາ ໝັ້ນຍືນ!

ນໍ້າໃຈວັນຊາດ 2 ທັນວາ ຄົບຮອບ 42 ປີໝັ້ນຍືນ!ຄລິບການສະຫຼອງ ວັນຊາດ ໃນປີຜ່ານໆມາ…——–#ວັນຊາດ2ທັນວາ

Posted by ຊອກວຽກ Sokviek on ວັນເສົາ ທີ 2 ທັນວາ 2017

Source: sokviek.com

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