Phishing Site Claims to be BCEL One in April Fools Prank


Online scammers have just gotten trickier and this time they were after the sensitive financial data of state bank BCEL’s faithful customers, and launching it on April Fool’s Day.

In a nefarious plan to steal BCEL clients’ data, scammers created the website, as a way to lure customers to input their login names and passwords, for which they would normally do on the desktop browser version of its popular online service, BCEL One. The scammers deviously promised to enter the user into a lucky draw with further promises of more prizes.

Due to having started as a social media post that quickly went viral, it is impossible to determine the original post and identity of the perpetrators.

Once this was suspected of being a phishing scam, the fake web owners placed an April Fools sign up on the now deactivated site after an unknown number of users had already used it.

While there is a possibility that this was a legitimate April Fools prank, it is strongly recommended that all users of BCEL One change their passwords immediately to avoid possible compromising of their financial accounts.

The authentic URL of BCEL One’s service is



Source: Tonamcha News