Chinese Space Debris to Rain on Laos

space debris to rain on laos

In an unusual notice from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, the four southernmost provinces of Laos (Champasak, Sekong, Salavan, and Attapeu) are being warned of potential space debris that will fall to Earth over these provinces. The debris seems to be from the launch of the Gaofen-5 satellite China in the early morning of 9 May and the debris are likely parts from the Long March 4C rocket carrying the satellite into orbit.

The Gaofen-5 hyperspectral imaging satellite is a part of China’s high-resolution Earth observation project and is planned for use in monitoring the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The space debris is expected to fall into Laos between 01:31-01:47 today. Citizens are urged to be careful outdoors during this 16 minute span in these areas.

Laos space debris notice