Vientiane Police Capture Three of Eleven Prison Escapees

prison escapees

Vientiane police have captured three of eleven men who broke out of a prison in Dongsavath Village last Friday.

All 37 villages of Sisattanak District were placed on high alert after the dramatic prison break, in which the escapees dug through a bathroom wall using rudimentary sharp objects. They then climbed over the rear wall of the prison compound.

Leaked security footage of the prison break became a sensation on social media, showing the escapees fleeing the prison in their underwear.

According to a statement by Deputy Head of the Public Security Headquarters in Sisattanak District, Lieutenant colonel Inphone Bounphachanh, three of the men have been recaptured and area waiting trial.

The men had not yet been sentenced, and were awaiting trial for drug trafficking charges and possession of illegal firearms.

Police are continuing their manhunt for the remaining escapees.