Xe-Pian Dam Bursts its Banks Causing Catastrophic Damage

Attapeu provincial authorities have confirmed that the Xe-Pian Dam burst its banks yesterday, leading millions of tons of water to inundate the local area, and causing widespread damage.
A letter of warning was sent on 23 July by the Head of the Resettlement Office of Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company, announcing that a part of its dam was likely to breech its banks, which would cause over five million tons of water to flow downstream.
Now authorities have stated that there was an incident at the dam construction site at Xe Pian Xe Nam Noy, causing water to flow rapidly down to the villages in Sanamxay District, Attapeu.
The situation has now been elevated to National Crisis level by the Lao Government. Soldiers, police and other rescue workers have arrived on scene to assist but massive damage has already been done to lives and property.
Despite state efforts, damage has been catastrophic.
Hundreds of people are missing with several lives already confirmed lost. Over 1300 families totalling 6600 people are without homes and are in desperate need of assistance.
The government is urging everyone to help in any way they can especially by donating clothes, food, water and cash.