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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Death Toll Rises to 34 in Attapeu Following Floods

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The official death toll from the dam collapse in Attapeu province has now reached 34, after three people died in hospital.

One passed away in Sanamxay district hospital, while the other two died at the Attapeu provincial hospital, according to the special government task force which was set up to manage the aftermath of the disaster.

Over 100 people remain unaccounted for after the dam collapse which occurred on July 23, and which caused floodwaters to submerge whole villages.

A total of 13 villages, home to 13,067 people, were affected by the flooding, with over 7,000 people left homeless. The displaced persons are being accommodated at temporary shelters in schools and other government buildings.

Assistance has been provided by a number of countries, including Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and China, among others, as rescue workers continue to search for survivors.

According to the Vientiane Times, donations provided to Laos and distributed throught he Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has amounted to more than 14 billion kip, 16.6 million Thai baht, and almost US $2 million, as well as 100 million Vietnamese dong.

Medical staff are hand to provide health services, including nutrition and hygiene assistance, and work has begun repairing roads to facilitate transportation of relief supplies.

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