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Vientiane Capital On Flood Alert

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Aug 19 – Vientiane Capital authorities are on high alert as they prepare to protect against flooding in some areas of the capital city, after water levels were reported to have risen to 11.2 meters. 11.5 meters is the alarming level while 12.5 meters is considered dangerous.

The Vientiane Capital Authority has requested that the following public bodies of Vientiane Capital take the necessary precautions:

  • Commission on the Prevention and Control of Natural Disasters to monitor, instruct and prepare to provide assistance to the local population
  • Department of Agriculture and Forestry to monitor and inspect all water gateways
  • Department of Public Works and Transport to inspect all roads that may be impacted by flood water
  • Office of Urban Planning and Administration to check all sewage system points to ensure efficient drainage of flood water
  • Authorities of all districts near the Mekong River and its tributaries to warn its denizens, especially the ones in low grounds, to move all personal belongings to safe, high grounds; children to avoid playing near riverbanks
  • Law enforcement (military, police and village militias) officials as well as individuals are urged to create sandbags and use them to protect against flooding
  • Other parties to assist in whatever way they can

Images taken from Mahason Magazine show the alarming rise in the water levels of the Mekong River in the capital. Shop owners of the new market stalls in Nakarath City on the Chao Anouvong Park riverbank can be seen moving their belongings to high ground. The shops have been almost completely submerged under water. No casualties have yet been reported.

ນ້ຳຖວ້ມຕະຫລາດເປີດໃຫມ່ທີຢູ່ດ້ານລຸ່ມຂອງສວນເຈົ້າອານຸວົງ ນະຄອນຫລວງວຽງຈັນ 19/8/2018

Posted by Armmy Saysanavongphet on ວັນເສົາ ທີ 18 ສິງຫາ 2018

The Mekong River Commission monitors water levels throughout the region.

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