Kualao Unveils New Function Halls In Honor of 25th Anniversary

Kualao Unveils New Function Halls In Honor of 25th Anniversary

Kualao Restaurant, recognized as one of the country’s most popular authentic Lao food restaurants, celebrates its 25th anniversary in business by launching two fully renovated function rooms on the 2nd floor of the restaurant side compound, with a new and modern look.

“It has been a decade since we’ve last made major renovations to the function halls. We felt it was time that Kualao’s physical infrastructure be commensurate with the quality of its food,” says Dalaphone Pholsena, the second-generation owner of the beloved restaurant.

The Kinnaly Room, which is the larger of the two rooms, can accommodate up to 300 persons. It has often been used for small-sized weddings, cocktail receptions, gala dinners, and luncheons.

Kualao’s hostesses pose at the center of the large function room, Kinnari Hall (front stage area in background)
Kualao’s hostesses pose at the center of the large function room (back area in background)

The smaller function room is frequently utilized by organizers to host signing ceremonies, small conferences, lectures, and training workshops.

Both rooms received a full makeover, featuring new ceilings, flooring, curtains and lighting and other electrical works. Each function room is now equipped with a brand new sound system, LCD screens, a projector, and hi-speed wifi internet routers.

Small function room (bar area in background)

Small function room (bar area in background)


“I love the new look and feel of the place. We celebrated the one year anniversary of our inflight magazine, Champa Meuanglao, in the Kinnaly room. You get to enjoy the local authentic cuisine in a modern setting and we really appreciated how Kualao specially designed an exquisite finger food menu just for our occasion,” says Cameron Darke, Senior Partner of RDK Group.

Finger Food Menu Display at Champa Meuanglao Magazine One-Year Anniversary
Kao Poon Jeow Keeng (Lao white noodles in ginger sauce)
Jeo Mak Len (Lao tomato dip)
Mini spring rolls, purple sticky rice, crispy rice and pork katong thong in banana leaf boat
Nam Khao Wrapped In Leaf
Fresh seasonal fruits served in pineapple shells
Purple dragon fruits
Mango & sticky rice crepes

Mrs. Pholsena believes that the newly refurbished dining halls are ready to serve guests from around the world as the country prepares new avenues to welcome more tourists and play host to international meetings and conferences.

“As Laos is moving fast and is constantly evolving, we need to keep up with the times and meet our guests’ new expectations in terms of product delivery and facilities.”

“That’s why we had completely revamped our two function rooms to offer our guests new environments, all the while cherishing what has made Kualao so successful all these years, our high-quality Lao food and our family-friendly approach to serving all our guests,” says Pholsena.

Speaker gives presentation at Cultural Studies Series lecture. The CSS hosts monthly lectures at Kualao’s small function room.
Guests listen attentively at a Cultural Studies Series lecture.
LuxDev organises online reputation management seminar for Lao businesses as part of their Skills for Tourism Project
Laos-based private company hosts traditional Baci Soukwan ceremony to welcome foreign business partners
Government entities host dinner parties and typically invite guests to “lamvong” (Lao traditional dance) to the music
Guests mingling at the one-year anniversary of Lao Airlines official inflight magazine, Champa Meuanglao

2019 saw Kualao reach its 25th birthday. The restaurant has served thousands of authentic Lao dishes to locals and tourists and welcomed dozens of foreign dignitaries and celebrities. It has helped to organize countless authentic Baci Soukwan ceremonies, where guests are welcomed or bid farewell to in traditional Lao fashion.

Kualao now offers a complete package for all Lao authentic food lovers, from dining in the French colonial restaurant atmosphere to organizing events in any of its two redesigned halls.

About Kualao

Established in 1994, Kualao is Vientiane’s most popular, upscale authentic Lao food restaurant, where both local and visiting diners bask in an ambience that flawlessly reincarnates the romantic and sophisticated atmosphere of early colonial French Indochina. Kualao is discreetly, and conveniently, nestled on the corner of the city’s landmark That Dam Intersection, which is known for the famous ‘Black Shrine’ stupa that sits at the center of the nearby roundabout. For more details, please visit the official website.

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