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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Laos and Russia to Hold Laros 2019 Joint Military Exercises

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The first Russian-Lao military exercises, Laros 2019, will take place in Laos from 10-19 December.
A total of 500 troops from Russia and Laos will join the exercises.

Russia is to delegate tank crews from a mechanized infantry group based in the Transbaikal region’s Eastern Military District.

A spokesman for the Russian Eastern Military District, Alexander Gordeyev, was quoted by the Russian News Agency as saying the militaries of the two countries held a conference on organizing and holding the military exercises, agreeing upon the title “Laros-2019” for the event.

During the exercises, the contingents will share experiences in the use of battle equipment in forest, swamp and mountainous terrain, and practice the techniques of joint operations in the jungle.

The Lao military will provide the Russian troops with T-72MS tanks, armored reconnaissance vehicles, machine guns and automatic rifles for the duration of the exercises.

One of the joint drills’ main objectives is to expand bilateral military cooperation, including in the fight against international terrorism.

Some 30 Soviet WWII-era T-34 battle tanks were sent from Laos to Russia in January this year, with the fully combat-ready tanks to be used in Russian military parades, after Laos retired them from active service.

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