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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lao J-Pop Girl Group LaoNavy Performs in Japan

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Remember LaoNavy, the J-pop group from Laos who performed on Japanese Culture Day in Vientiane in September?

LaoNavy has now made its very first Japanese debut. The group performed in Japan for the first time in the western city of Kumamoto, the same city that will soon see flights from Lao Airlines connecting it with Laos.

LaoNavy, which consists of seven Lao girls aged between 14 and 21, is produced and managed by a Japanese businessman based in Vientiane who hopes to lay out the foundation of a platform that nurtures more girl groups in the country.

LaoNavy performing at Vientiane Center
LaoNavy performing at Vientiane Center

By their look and the style of performance, the group hopes to follow the footstep of the mega-hit girl band in Japan, AKB48.

At their performance in Kumamoto, LaoNavy wore their signature navy-blue costumes, singing two songs in Lao and Japanese.

LaoNavy are to visit the Kumamoto prefectural government office this week, according to a report by NHK.

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