Laos to Experience Electricity Shortage During Hot Season

Electricity Shortages during Peak Season in Laos

Electricity generation will not be sufficient to supply all areas in Laos during times of peak consumption from March to June, according to authorities, who are urging the public to cut energy usage during this period.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines has announced that less power can be generated while reservoirs are only half full, Vientiane Times reported.

Accordingly, the ministry is warning the public and businesses that it will be necessary to conserve electricity and minimize use during the peak season.

In particular, Electricite du Laos anticipates that factories in the capital of Vientiane would be affected the most from the expected energy shortage.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment warned on February 10 that the country is likely to face an acute water shortage over the next two months as rivers continue to fall to lower-than-normal levels.

Almost all parts of the country will face drought in March and April, the ministry said.

Laos has increased its electricity exports by 145 percent over the past five years amid a growing number of hydropower plants.

The country expanded its electricity capacity to 6,457 MW for export markets between 2016 and 2020. Accordingly, the Lao Ministry of Energy and Mines earned more than LAK 130 billion (USD 14 million).


  1. Lao Governments Rule on electricity is, Profits from Electricity sales to other countries for our pockets first and foremost, then Laos people come last. After displacing lao villages to build electricity Dams amid the deaths these dams have caused to the lao people the Laos Government will treat its own people last when it comes to providing electricity for them. For a country which the Laos Government is stating to be the Electricity hub for Asia it cant even provide enough for it own people 1st.

  2. Dear Sir
    The Lao government can export enormous amounts of electricity to neighbouring countries and yet the Lao government cant even supply street lighting throughout the capital Vientiane let alone suburban or regional districts. That’s 40 years of communism for you and that’s why you are a 3rd world country