Seven of 10 Lao Covid-19 Patients Recovering

Mittaphab Hospital treats covid-19 patients

Seven of 10 Covid-19 patients who are currently being treated at Mittaphab Hospital are showing signs of improvement, according to local newspaper, Vientiane Mai.

Director of the Vientiane’s Mittaphab “150 Bed” Hospital Dr. Sanong Thongsana spoke about treatment methods in an interview with a local television program.

“Our hospital has been treating Covid-19 patients since the 23rd of March. In total, we currently have seven patients, all of whom have varyingly mild symptoms of fever, cough, and difficulty breathing,” he said.

“Our medical professionals have administered medication that is consistent with the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and other international development partners. As of now, our patients are showing improved health, with many exhibiting signs of reduced levels of fever, cough and sore throat. Some can be considered to be of normal health.”

Director of Vientiane-based Mittaphab Hospital Dr. Sanong Thongsana
Director of Vientiane-based Mittaphab Hospital Dr. Sanong Thongsana

What is the treatment process?

According to Dr. Sanong, medical staff at Mittapharb Hospital are split into teams that perform weekly shifts. When each team finishes its shift, the members must isolate themselves in a separate area for 14 days before returning home.

At Mittaphab Hospital, as per WHO guidelines, a Covid-19 patient is monitored and treated for a period of 10 days. If the patient shows no signs of fever for a minimum of 72 hours and exhibits no cough or other symptoms, then the patient’s respiratory sample will be taken and tested to see if the virus is still present. A 24-hour wait is required before a second test is performed.

If the second test is negative, then the patient will be permitted to return home. At home, it is recommended that the patient continue a period of self-isolation for an additional 14 days, after which medical professionals will render a final evaluation of the patient on whether he can return to his normal routine.

The status of the three COVID-19 patients currently receiving care in Luang Prabang will be updated in the next few days.

The full interview can be seen below (in Lao language).