Meet LOCA GRO: Laos’ Newest E-Commerce Service

Introducing Loca Gro online grocery shopping service

The creators of Laos’ first ride-sharing app, LOCA, have just launched their latest online service called LOCA GRO, an on-demand grocery shopping application.

LOCA GRO is designed to bring consumers closer to retailers and their inventories. As of 4 May, the service includes groceries and household products from popular retailers in Vientiane Capital.


LOCA GRO promises prompt delivery of the products from its platform by a private LOCA driver within two hours. Its vast and robust private driver network ensures efficient and affordable delivery, within which consumers are able to purchase goods in large quantities. There is currently no limit on the number or weight of products a user can purchase.

LOCA GRO charges a flat minimum delivery fee of LAK 15,000 and a maximum fee of LAK 30,000 per order.


LOCA GRO has a vision of becoming Laos’ first 100% O2O (online-to-offline) cashless shopping experience by leading the way in providing customers with ample digital methods of payment. The application accepts payment via VISA, MasterCard, and the country’s largest and most well-known homegrown consumer payment technology, BCEL OnePay. By integrating these payment solutions, customers will be able to make payments conveniently and securely.

According to a press statement, LOCA’s Co-Founder and CEO Souliyo Vongdala said that there would be more payment solutions from other commercial banks that would be integrated into the application in the future to make the service available to wider sections of the population.

“We launched LOCA GRO to provide a convenient lifestyle for consumers. At the same time, we see it as a full solution e-commerce platform for local businesses to access more consumers online,” says Mr. Souliyo.

With the LOCA GRO platform, local businesses will be able to turn their offline shops into virtual stores and start selling to consumers within days, without any complex technical or logistical setup or knowledge required. The platform has put in place the infrastructure necessary for sales and delivery.

While large businesses may already possess the delivery capacity, they can still make use of the LOCA GRO platform to supplement their online sales channel. By taking advantage of the advanced GPS-based delivery navigation system from LOCA GRO to ease their delivery process.

For a better understanding of LOCA GRO, watch the video below.


The LOCA GRO app is available for both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded here.