Vientiane Capital to Unravel Tangled Wires

Tangled Cable and Wires in Vientiane (Photo: Piergiorgio Pescali)

Vientiane Capital authorities have vowed to untangle the mess of cables and wires spread across the streets in a bid to improve the city’s image.

The tangled masses of cables found above every street have long been labeled an eyesore by foreign visitors and are noted for frequently spoiling otherwise beautiful views.

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith noted the situation regarding unruly cables in a government meeting in May, advising that electricity cables be inspected after many fires were attributed to faulty wiring.

Cabling across the capital city is often a tangled mess, with wires split or dangling across the path of pedestrians. The excess cable is often simply tied to nearby structures rather than being properly managed.

In addition to advice by the prime minister, the cleanup of tangled cables is in line with a Decision issued by the Mayor of Vientiane in regard to ensuring orderliness in all areas.

The cables include telephone cables, internet cables, and cable television wiring.

Cabling left dangling across roads and motorways has been known to cause accidents in the past, entangling motorcycle riders and striking taller vehicles.

Cables have already been cleaned up along four main roads in Vientiane, including Souphanouvong Road, Chao Anouvong Road, Kaysone Phomvihane Road, and Route 13 North, with cables untangled and tied together neatly through the combined efforts of telecommunications companies and local authorities.