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Maruhan Japan Bank Lao and Loca Laos Ink E-Commerce Deal

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Japanese commercial bank Maruhan Japan Bank Lao and local ride-hailing service Loca Laos have inked a deal on an e-commerce automated settlement solution to be provided by the Japanese bank.

A signing ceremony was held at Maruhan Japan Bank headquarters in Vientiane yesterday, with the agreement signed by Maruhan Bank Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Anthony Chin, and LOCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Souliyo Vongdala.

The agreement marks the launch of Maruhan’s unique e-commerce Automated Settlement System (e-CASS), which has been specially designed to assist the bank’s customers and the SME community at large by providing an e-settlement on-demand solution.

Anthony Chin, CEO of Maruhan Japan Bank Lao
Anthony Chin, CEO of Maruhan Japan Bank Lao

LOCA Laos will be the first company to make use of the e-CASS system, which will enable the convenience of auto-settlement between LOCA and its network of over 400 drivers.

Thanks to the speed and convenience of the system, drivers will be able to receive payment any time, anywhere, and faster and more conveniently than ever before.

With its headquarters in Vientiane and four service units across the country, Maruhan Japan Bank is a leader in the field of e-commerce for Laos, and is a member of the LAPNET system, allowing for ease of banking transactions between local banks.


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