4,061 Individuals Isolated Amid Covid-19 Concerns in Laos

Lao labor returning from Thailand (Covid-19)

Health officials in Laos announced on Monday that 4,061 individuals are being monitored under isolation across the country.

The government of Laos continues to enforce preventative measures and carefully monitor people entering Laos, in particular those returning from work in neighboring countries or abroad. Individuals entering Laos are sent to quarantine centers for 14 days to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

A total of 1,756 people entered Laos through international border checkpoints on Sunday. 896 of these entered from Thailand, 260 of whom were returning workers.

Meanwhile, 111 people arrived in Laos from China, 694 people came from Vietnam, and one person from Cambodia entered the country. A further 54 arrived in Laos via Wattay International Airport.

Temperature checks were undertaken at all checkpoints, with no arrivals exhibiting symptoms of fever, according to the announcement.

The government of Laos an initial declared victory over Covid-19 on June 11, following the discharge of all 19 confirmed cases from hospital, with no new cases for 59 days.