Police Pursue Suspect in Savannakhet Abduction, Murder Case

Murder and Kidnapping in Savannakhet Laos

A kidnapping-turned-murder case has police in Savannakhet on the hunt for a suspect wanted for abducting and killing a 30-year-old man after receiving a ransom of baht 500,000 (around LAK 150 million), and a vehicle.

According to a statement released by the Savannakhet Police Command, the Criminal Investigation Division were contacted by the victim’s wife, Mrs. Daovy, aged 28 years, from Oudomvilay Village, Kaysone Phomvihane City. In her statement, she told police that her husband, Mr. Souksomphone Khampaseuthxaya, an official of the Savannakhet Provincial People’s Council, had disappeared on 26 June.

On 29 June, at 10:44 am, Mrs. Daovy received a message from her husband’s telephone instructing her to make available funds of baht 500,000, and to remain silent.

Mrs. Daovy was then told to transfer the funds to a bank account registered under the name Somsasi Phidavanh and to transfer a further LAK 63 million to a kip account under the same name. After transferring the funds, Mrs. Daovy called and was able to speak with her husband, who confirmed that the kidnappers were checking to ensure the funds had arrived. He told her that he would see her that evening to discuss the matter.

However, on 30 June, Mr. Souksomphone sent another text message saying that the kidnappers had requested his vehicle be transferred into the kidnapper’s name so that it could be easily sold.

Mrs. Daovy complied, however, no message was sent in reply.

Early this month, police discovered the body of Mr. Souksomphone buried in a field while the investigation continues, as police begin to close in on the murder suspect.