Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Erupts, Sends Column of Ash Into Sky

Mount Sinabung in Indonesia Erupts

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung erupted on Monday, sending a column of volcanic ash as high as 5,000 meters into the atmosphere and depositing ash on nearby villages.

The volcano, which his located on Sumatra Island, began its eruption on Saturday, erupting violently again on Monday, “emitting a thunderous noise and turning the sky dark,” according to a report by Reuters.

Ash accumulated two inches thick in surrounding villages, which have already been abandoned.

No fatalities or injuries have been reported as a result of the latest eruption.

Mount Sinabung remained inactive for four centuries before reawakening a decade ago. It has erupted numerous times since then, with deadly consequences in 2014, when sixteen people were killed, and again in 2016 when seven people were killed.

Indonesia is home to nearly 130 active volcanoes due to its location on the “Ring of Fire,” a belt of tectonic plate borders surrounding the Pacific Ocean where seismic activity is frequent.