Police to Expand CCTV Network in Vientiane Capital

Vientiane CCTV Network to be Expanded

The Ministry of Public Security is to expand the scope of the capital’s Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras amid an increase in crime.

The expansion of the CCTV network in Vientiane Capital is aimed at improving surveillance, allowing the police to better monitor criminal activity and traffic accidents.

An agreement was signed between the Ministry of Public Security’s logistics department, Hytera Company from China, and Laos’s Khamphay Xana Group.

The signing ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Public Security, Major General Dr. Somvang Thammasith.

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The program will upgrade the UPS network, infrastructure, and CCTV camera services of the capital’s 19 sub-service centers and two central service centers.

Local daily the Vientiane Times quoted the officer in charge of the operations at the Ministry of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Phonkeo Khamphilavong, as saying, “the project will improve CCTV cameras in the capital. Currently, many digital CCTV cameras are installed along the roads and important areas of the capital.”

“Over the past year, CCTV cameras have helped monitor crimes, helped the police deal with anti-social elements, and also hit-and-run accidents,” he said.

Footage from CCTV cameras has been instrumental in apprehending perpetrators of hit-and-run incidents, which have become a major problem in Vientiane.

Authorities have also completed the installation of nearly 100 emergency poles around the capital, which will facilitate immediate contact between residents and emergency services personnel.