Laos Congratulates Russia on Successful Vaccine Registration

Laos congratulaes russia on vaccine

President Bounnhang Vorachit sent a message to President Vladimir Putin of Russia to congratulate the Federation of Russia on its success in developing a vaccine against Covid-19.

According to the Vientiane Times, President Bounnhang praised the achievement, saying that it demonstrates the technological progress and innovation in medical science accomplished by Russia.

Russia was the first country in the world to announce its registration of a vaccine against the Covid-19 coronavirus on 11 August.

The vaccine has been named “Sputnik V” in homage to the world’s first satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.

Last week, the Russian health minister stated that initial clinical trials of the vaccine developed by the Gamaleya Research Center in Moscow had been completed.

According to a report in RT, President Putin stated that the vaccination in Russia would only be carried out on a voluntary basis, with nobody forced to accept immunization.

Lao President Bounnhang shared his gratitude to the medical personnel, scientists, and epidemiological researchers for their concentrated efforts and expertise in creating the vaccine, particularly with support by the Russian government under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin.