Five of Twelve Prison Escapees Recaptured

Prisoners escape from Phontong Prison in Vientiane Capital

Authorities have captured five of the twelve fugitives currently on the run after a prison break at Vientiane’s Phontong Prison on Monday.

The twelve prisoners made a daring escape from Phontong Prison on Monday afternoon when gates were opened temporarily to allow a construction vehicle access to the prison grounds.

The prisoners took the opportunity to flee, while prison guards were unable to capture them all.

Police began a citywide manhunt yesterday, relying on public support to locate the fugitives.

According to a report by Vientiane Times, police have captured five of the twelve escapees, with the remaining seven still at large.

The search is being conducted in coordination between prison officers and police commands in every district of Vientiane, while provincial police forces remain on standby.

The prison break comes after a deadly shootout with police near the Morning Market over the weekend resulted in the death of a known criminal.