Escaped Prisoners Believed to Have Fled the Country

Escaped prisoners believed to have fled the country

A nationwide manhunt for seven escaped prisoners that has been ongoing for three days has so far failed to uncover the missing inmates.

The break-out happened when gates at Vientiane’s Phontong Prison were opened temporarily to grant access to a construction vehicle. Prisoners took the opportunity to escape, fleeing in a pickup truck.

Authorities captured five of the twelve fugitives yesterday, while a further seven remain at large.

According to a statement from a prison officer reported in the Vientiane Times, authorities believe that the escape had been planned well in advance.

Police have been carrying out their investigation using CCTV footage, eyewitness reports, and interviews with those connected to the escapees.

While the manhunt continues into its third day, some prisoners, Thai nationals serving time for drug offenses, are believed to have fled the country, returning to their homes in Thailand.