LOCA Introduces Pickup Truck Service on Ride-Share Platform

Loca Pickup Truck Service

The LOCA ride-hailing service has announced that due to an overwhelming number of requests, the platform will be adding a pickup truck service.

“Over the past twelve months, we have seen many requests for a pickup truck service, and we’ve helped to arrange many pickup trucks for our customers,” says Mr. Souliyo Vongdala, Chief Executive Officer at LOCA.

“Some of our customers are using pickup trucks to help them move their belongings from place to place, and we also understand that sometimes our customers just need extra room when they are traveling,” he said.

For now, the pickup truck service is only available in Vientiane Capital, with limited numbers of pickup trucks available during evening hours.

The LOCA team is working hard to increase the number of pickup trucks to its fleet to meet demand and provide their customers with the most convenient service.

“We invite you to try our Pickup Truck Service and spread the word to your friends and colleagues, so they know that we are the first and only pickup truck service available in Vientiane,” said Mr. Souliyo.

Whether you are moving house or taking extra luggage, the LOCA pickup truck service is now the best option for transportation.