High-ranking Police Officer Arrested on Drug Charges

Police officer arrested on drug charges

Authorities in Hadsaifong District, Vientiane Capital have arrested a Police Lieutenant Colonel in possession of more than 500 amphetamine tablets.

Undercover officers arranged the purchase of the illicit substance from the lieutenant colonel, identified as Mr. Vannaled, according to a report by the Hadsaifong Public Security Office.

Police officer arrested on drug charges

The sting operation was conducted on 31 August, in cooperation between authorities under the drug control department and the Criminal Investigation Unit of Hadsaifong Public Security Office.

49-year-old Lt. Col. Vannled was arrested at his house in Dong Phonhae Village, Hadxayfong District, Vientiane Capital, where police seized 589 amphetamine tablets, according to the Hadsaifong Public Security Office.

Police also confiscated three mobile phones, two bank books, and a motorbike.

Lt. Col. Vannaled will now face charges of drug trafficking.

According to reports, Lt. Col. Vannaled’s ex-wife was arrested on 25 September last year for possession of over two thousand amphetamine tablets.


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