Police Officers Arrested for Kidnapping in Bokeo

Police officers arrested for kidnapping in Bokeo

Authorities in Bokeo Province have arrested three men, including two police officers, who kidnapped a woman and held her for ransom.

The kidnapping took place on 7 September in Houayxai District, at the Houayxai Riverside Hotel, where the 35-year-old woman was held for a ransom of THB 500,000, or approximately LAK 150 million.

According to a report issued by the Bokeo Public Security Office, the two men, identified as police officers, then moved the woman from Houayxai to Tonpheung District with the intention of selling her to an agency in a neighboring country.

The kidnappers were identified as Police Captain Olay, 40, from Yaihuayxai-Neua Village, and Lieutenant Colonel Sengkeo, 33.

The kidnappers were apprehended when a vehicle used to transport the woman was stopped at a checkpoint.

Police arrest the perpetrators of kidnapping in Bokeo
Three suspects arrested on kidnapping charges in Bokeo.

The victim was successfully recovered and returned to her family.

The incident marks the second kidnapping case in recent months after the body of a kidnapping victim was found buried in a forest outside Savannakhet.

A police officer was also involved in a recent drug bust ending in the arrest of a Lieutenant Colonel in Hadsaifong District, Vientiane Capital.